Meet The Minister (Lead Servant)

David Kern has been serving the Mount Airy Christian Church for over 12 years.  At first he served as the youth minister before being hired as the lead servant in 2013.


Family: David has been married to his wife Maria since June of 2009 and has been blessed with three children; all girls.


Education: David graduated High School locally from East Surry High School and before going to Johnson Bible College he received an AS from Surry Community College.  He then attend in person at Johnson Bible College before finishing online with a Ministry Relations Degree from Johnson University (same school, different name).


Philosophy of Ministry: Empower disciples of Christ to reach out into the world around them.


A word from David:

I grew up at the Mount Airy Church of Christ, now the Mount Airy Christian Church, from one year old through sophomore year of college.  I then left town for Johnson Bible College, now Johnson University, in 2003 were I eventually would graduate.  After leaving I have spent time in AZ, MD and TN, and have been lucky enough to see a lot of our beautiful country and attend a wide array of different Churches.  God brought be back to Mount Airy in 2008 and the journey at Mount Airy Christian began.